Different Strokes for Different Folks

We offer 3 different rafting experiences from the casual laid-back to the rigorous. Our guests have an opportunity to choose which option suits them.

Oar Boats

Oar BoatsThe oar boat offers an exciting yet stable ride. The boat is equipped with a full frame that has bench style seats. Your guide rows the boat with long wooden oars and sits behind the two bench seats. Guests sit back and enjoy the ride and the scenery while the guide does all the work. Oar boats carry three to five passengers, plus one guide.


Paddle Boats

Paddle BoatsPaddle boats offer a chance to participate in a thrilling ride. Each passenger in the boat paddles. We use an oar assisted paddle design, which means the guide sits at the back of the boat on a little frame and actually has oars. This design gives the guide more control for the times when they need it in the bigger rapids. It also provides a very safe environment to try out paddling. Paddle boats typically carry six passengers who cooperatively paddle the boat down the river, plus one guide with oars.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable KayaksWe bring inflatable kayaks along on all of our trips. These single seated kayaks allow you to get one-on-one with the whitewater. Guests can easily navigate these small, agile boats through gentle to moderate whitewater, even if you have never kayaked before. Although we don't allow guests to take them through the most dangerous rapids, you will have plenty of opportunity to have fun and get wet.